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Genos® GNSS Satellite Simulator

Genos GNSS Satelite Simulator

Testing GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) receivers and functionality embedded in your devices can be difficult, especially for worldwide markets where multiple satellite constellations are involved. The Genos GNSS Satellite Simulator makes the job easy - giving you the information you need with accuracy you can rely on. The flexibility and features of its powerful, easy-to-use, intuitive software makes it ideal for product development, evaluation, and testing environments.

The Ultimate High-Performance GPS Testing Platform

The Genos GNSS Simulator is a high-dynamics, multichannel GNSS signal emulator that can be used for testing any product that incorporates satellite navigation functionality. It can be configured to emulate satellite signals visible to a GNSS receiver for any location around the world, at any time (both past and future), and along any trajectory. It has an extremely high update rate - every one millisecond, allowing it to support unique high-dynamic trajectories. It replaces expensive field testing and offers reliable generation, recording, and replay of GNSS signals.

  • Single and Multi-Channel
  • Multi constellations
  • Real-time
  • End-to-end

The Genos GNSS simulator emulates signals from one or more of the following satellite systems according to user licenses:

  • GPS
  • Galileo
  • SBAS
  • WAAS
  • Speed and Accuracy -
    1 ms update means real-time dynamic satellite simulation.
  • Ensure Usability and Coverage - Evaluate many GNSS receivers including GPS, GLOSSNAS, Galileo, and more...
  • Save time and money in development, testing, and product deployment - easily integrated into test environments and save testing travel expenses.
  • Build on existing maps and logic structure using the Google Earth Interface.
  • Powerful and flexible - Control all satellite parameters including power levels and RF output signal levels.
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